Mission and objective

  • to optimise the diagnosis and treatment of patients with B12 and folate deficiency;
  • to inform general practitioners and specialists about the latest relevant research.


  • conducting the most relevant research for clinical practice;
  • exchanging knowledge with researchers from international universities;
  • placing patient participation and input on the research agenda;
  • exchanging information and examples of clinical practice;
  • translating the latest research findings into clinical practice;
  • providing information through presentations, website and flyers;
  • regarding B12 deficiency in the context of the person and of environmental factors;
  • regarding B12 deficiency in the context of the entire metabolism, including other nutrients.

This will prevent

  • permanent damage and unnecessary suffering for patients;
  • over- and underdiagnostics;
  • over- and undertreatment;
  • unbridled increase of unnecessary healthcare costs.

Our research and publications will disseminate adequate and useful information, without any commercial profit.