Our highest priorities are

  • to conduct relevant clinical research for patients with B12 deficiency, in cooperation with universities around the world;
  • to increase the knowledge about B12, in cooperation with universities around the world;
  • to exchange experiences from clinical practice and relevant clinical research with scientists around the world;
  • to inform phycisians and specialists about the latest research results and patient experiences from all over the world.

Too many patients suffer unnecessarily from the delay in treatment, due to a lack of knowledge of the symptoms and diagnosis of B12 deficiency, and sometimes also due to the bias on the subject.

Patient input is very important. They know the consequences of a delay in diagnosis and therefore in the treatment of their disease better than anyone else. Therefore, experiences of patients must be implemented in the research questions.

Now is the time to tackle the lacunas in B12 research.

B12 Research Institute Foundation, Rotterdam – IBAN: NL21INGB0008112916